Meet FreeBSD Project – A Journey of 26 Years and Beyond

Summary: When talking about operating systems or platforms to run the whole computing processes for various devices, you might have heard about FreeBSD quite often. However, today’s implementations of this operating system are apparently not too well-known, and many people don’t know the contributions of FreeBSD in today’s computing technology. Since this operating system is … Read more

Global Forum of Incident Response Guiding Towards a Threat-Free Cyber-Space With Expertise and International Collaboration

[TL;DR] FIRST(Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams) is an internationally recognized organization in field of CSIRT(Computer Security and Incident Response Teams) and has a reign of over 100 years in this field. Using modern communication and strategized collaborations, they aim to prevent and control incidents of global cyber-security threats. We interviewed Dr. Serge Droz, … Read more

Digital Ocean Launched One Click Apps and Tools Marketplace for Developers and Startups.

Summary – Leading cloud infrastructure provider Digital Ocean recently announced launch of a new partner led marketplace on March 5, 2019 in New York with one-click applications and tools installation, including infrastructure and pre configuration. It’s the first time when cloud developer has sanctioned 3rd party provider to trade their software and created a platform … Read more

The Cloud Leader: How Edge Platform From StackPath Delivers A Completely Secure Solution For Developers And Online Businesses

Summary: The Edge computing platform from StackPath is a secure platform built by developers for developers that allow you to build services and web applications with full security protection. The security protection provided in this platform not only covers the service layer, but it also covers all other aspects, such as network and physical layers. … Read more

Progress Sitefinity 12 Allows Marketers A Much Needed CMS And Digital Experience Platform

Summary: Progress Sitefinity 12 provides marketers the CMS and digital marketing platform that allows them to streamline their workflow, create the best content for their audience, and market their products in a better way. Moreover, this platform helps them to minimize the time, cost, and effort for them to create and manage their content. With … Read more