How Startups and Businesses Can Expand and Grow Faster with Greater Des Moines

Summary: Business is blooming in Greater Dess Moines, Iowa, United States. It is always a great opportunity for any startup and business to expand their reach and accelerate their growth around this market area. As the capital city of Iowa, as well as the most populated region in this U.S. state, it is a perfect place for you to start a new business or expand the existing one. The Greater Des Moines (DSM) Partnership provides the best collaborative opportunity for startups and businesses that want to start building a better and brighter future for them, as well as help promote the Des Moines region at the same time.

Among the various states and cities in the United States where you can use as a place to expand your business, Des Moines in Iowa is the one that will give you various benefits through its business partnership program. Not only it can help businesses to expand their reach, it can also help startups to flourish in the coming years with its collaborative program. The partnership consists of more than 340 investors, as well as 6,400 business members and 24 Affiliate Chambers of Commerce. Not only it can help your business growth, your business can also help the economic growth of the Greater Des Moines region in Iowa.

In short, it is a win-win solution for both businesses and the government. Startups and businesses can flourish in this region, while they are doing the same in contributing the economic growth of this region. The main goal is the prosperity of the Greater Des Moines region in Iowa, as well as the promotion of global connectivity for the region. As the partnership helps in contributing good and valuable workforce for the businesses that become the members in the DSM partnership, the businesses can also contribute to the growth, prosperity, and development of this region.

The partnership itself is not mandatory for any business or startup that wants to start their endeavors around this region. However, upon joining the partnership program, businesses can get various benefits that non-members do not have access to. To explain further about this partnership, we have reached Greater Des Moines Partnership for further information.

A Brief Overview of the DSM Partnership

Having a strong alliance with important business members, affiliates, and investors, DSM Partnership establishes itself as the economic and community organization that works on delivering economic growth in the Greater Des Moines region with one voice and one mission. It gives businesses various benefits that become their focus in the partnership program, including assisting companies to relocate and expand in the region, supplying the companies with talented and skillful workers, providing resources for small businesses to grow, and cultivating a vibrant Downtown area.

Greater Des Moines Partnership explained, “The Greater Des Moines Partnership is the economic and community development organization that serves Greater Des Moines (DSM), Iowa. Together with 24 Affiliate Chambers of Commerce, more than 6,400 Regional Business Members and 340+ Investors, The Partnership drives economic growth with one voice, one mission and as one region.

The Partnership focuses on the following areas of work:

  • Assisting with economic development projects to help companies relocate to or expand in DSM.
  • Attracting and retaining talented people, and helping ensure workers and future workers have the opportunity to gain skills that meet workforce needs.
  • Providing resources for small businesses and high growth-potential startup companies to start and grow.
  • Cultivating a vibrant Downtown through economic development, major events and more.”

Recognizing The Importance of Startups and Small Businesses in the DSM Partnership Program

Within the partnership program, small businesses and startups get a very special place in DSM due to the importance of their growth. It takes a long process for startups and small businesses to grow, expand, and finally have an established brand. This is why the partnership program gives a special attention to the growth of startups and small businesses in the Des Moines region.

There are many ways that small businesses and startups can benefit from becoming a part of the DSM Partnership. One of the benefits is the Mentor Connection Program, which is a program dedicated to help small business owners connect with more than 100 mentors to educate them more about their business. Even more attention is given to startups that have high-growth potential with the existence of advanced mentoring programs such as Global Insurance Accelerator (GIA) and Iowa AgriTech Accelerator.

Greater Des Moines Partnership stated, “DSM business and community leaders have long recognized the importance of small business and startup growth.

In 2019, the Greater Des Moines Partnership launched its Small Business Resources Hub, a one-stop-shop for small businesses to find resources relating to legal, accounting, finance, marketing, networking, staffing and hiring and more. The creation of The Hub was the result of research-based decision-making that helped determine how to most effectively serve small businesses in DSM. As part of The Hub, The Partnership launched a Mentor Connection Program to help connect small business owners with mentors.

For high-growth-potential startups, DSM offers the Global Insurance Accelerator (GIA) and Iowa AgriTech Accelerator. The GIA is an industry backed mentor-driven business accelerator designed to foster innovation in the insurance industry by supporting startups targeting the global insurance industry. As Des Moines is the third largest insurance city in the world, the level of mentoring offered is world class. Startups go through a three-month program with access to more than 100 mentors, educational opportunities and networking. The GIA welcomed its first cohort in 2015 and has since graduated five cohorts totaling 36 companies. It was also a finalist in the ICC World Chambers Federations World Chambers Competition in 2017.

Similarly, the Iowa AgriTech Accelerator is a mentor-driven business accelerator designed to foster innovation in the agriculture industry. Also supported by industry, this accelerator focuses on startups solving problems for the agriculture industry and their customers.  Startups also go through a three-month program with access to more than 100 mentors, educational opportunities and networking. The Iowa AgriTech Accelerator has graduated two cohorts totaling 10 companies.”

The Importance of the Mentoring Program for Startup Founders in the DSM Partnership

The mentoring program initiated by the DSM Partnership as a part of their collaborative program has benefited many startups in terms of growth and establishing the connection that can lead to their success. For instance, through this program, the startup founders can get in-depth education to manage their companies better, as well as to network with other business partners to boost their business growth further. Not only that, startup businesses can also get financial benefits from angel investors who are a part of the DSM Partnership program.

Greater Des Moines Partnership further stated, “The Greater Des Moines Partnership provides mentoring services to startup founders. The Partnership’s work with startups helped them raise a total of over $50 million in capital. Additionally, Des Moines hosts Plains Angels, a group of Iowa-based angel investors dedicated to providing outstanding financial returns to accredited angel investors while assisting early-stage growth companies.

There are also a number of events in the community focused on startup and small business growth. 1 Million Cups welcomes speakers each week to talk about their startup journey. dmStartupDrinks provides a happy hour setting for startups. Monetery, hosted by startup company Dwolla, brings together influential speakers to help small businesses and startups learn and grow. The Partnership hosts the Top Five For Small Business Series to help small businesses learn practical lessons about running their business, and the First Friday events to lift up the stories of female small business owners. The Partnership also hosts seminars multiple times per year to help small businesses and startups learn about raising capital for their company, both through financing options and equity capital. The Partnership hosts a Small Business Success Summit each year with presentations by keynote speakers from industry leaders that will inform and inspire and much more.

The DSM Opportunity Zones and the Compelling Tax Benefits for Businesses

In the Greater Des Moines Partnership program, six cities and seven opportunity zones are available. These opportunity zones are the specific areas that companies can use to start their new business. These areas are economically distressed and in need of new investments to ensure a better economic growth. Businesses that place new investments in these specific areas might be eligible for a preferential tax treatment under specific conditions.

Regarding the opportunity zones, Greater Des Moines Partnership explained, “There are six cities with a total of seven Opportunity Zones in DSM. More information on each Opportunity Zone can be found in The Partnership’s Opportunity Zones Prospectus.

There are two exciting Opportunity Zone development project in Des Moines around Drake University.

  1. Nelson Construction and Development is building a hotel, commercial space and a multi-family building.
  2. Merge Urban Development Group is planning to redevelop two-blocks for apartments and commercial space.

The Growth Opportunities Available for Employees in Greater Des Moines Partnership

Aside from giving various benefits to the companies as a whole, as well as the startup founders, the DSM Partnership program also gives various types of benefits for the employees as well. First of all, the DSM Partnership offers various networking opportunities for employees to get in touch with other employees, as well as key leaders and CEOs. There are also various programs offered by the Partnership to train and educate the employees to improve their quality and reach their maximum potential.

DSM offers a large number of networking events for current and prospective employees in the region to reach personal and professional goals with accessibility to CEOs and key leaders. The region has a culture of cultivating professional development and growth.

The Partnership’s Education Drives Our Greater Economy (EDGE) initiative is designed to cultivate cradle-through-career education and training to ensure 75 percent of DSM working-age adults have degrees, certificates and other credentials by 2025. More than 75 companies have taken the pledge to support EDGE’s goals.

Young Professionals Connection is a group of dynamic and talented young people who are committed to making DSM a better place. YPC offers countless ways to get involved in the Des Moines community to help carry out their mission to promote an environment that attracts and retains the next generation of young professionals.

The DSM Fellowship Program is a preeminent professional development initiative that attracts, develops and retains a diverse community of top-tier college graduates and early career young professionals. Participating companies sponsor the Fellows in a two-year program. The initial cohort is made up of employees who have joined their company in the past year. Fellows will be exposed to opportunities that accelerate their professional track and grant lasting connections,” Greater Des Moines Partnership explained.

The Leadership Institute and the Benefits for Small Businesses and Startups

In addition to the aforementioned programs that are designed to boost the employee quality while working in companies around the DSM areas, there is also a program called The Leadership Institute, which helps to transform the people into community leaders. For employees, they can also become leaders in their career if they choose to participate in this program.

While these programs are useful for employees, it can also bring bigger benefits for the startups and small businesses as a whole, providing the companies various opportunities to grow and expand. Further, Greater Des Moines Partnership added, “The Greater Des Moines Leadership Institute offers programming that helps people develop into community leaders. The Leadership Institute’s Community Leadership Program is a nine-month program in which participants learn about the history of civic engagement in the community and current issues the community faces. Participants work on a class project to help a local nonprofit organization grow.

Specific to small businesses and startups, some of the events mentioned above provide growth opportunities, including the Small Business Success Summit, Top Five For Small Business Series, Monetery and more. Each month, a local Chamber of Commerce will host a regional breakfast, lunch or after hours event to bring Chamber Members from the region’s 24 Affiliate Chambers together to learn and grow.”

What Someone Can Expect When They Consider Living and Moving to the Greater Des Moines Region

Since the DSM Partnership program offers new businesses, startups, and small businesses to grow and expand in the Greater Des Moines region in Iowa, United States, it will involve a good number of people moving and living in this region. As many people will seek new job opportunities to further their careers and secure their future, the Partnership offers these people a wealth of information to learn about moving and living in the DSM area. There are also many job listing information that they can check out, providing them with the various available job opportunities to apply around this region.

Greater Des Moines Partnership stated, “The Partnership offers an information packet available by request through its website, and The Partnership team is available to answer questions and share information. The Partnership’s online DSM USA Career Center contains thousands of job listings. Once here, new residents are invited to attend Welcome to DSM USA Receptions to learn more about what the community has to offer. The professional development programs and events above also provide an excellent avenue for people to plug in and learn about the community.

How the DSM Partnership Helps Attract More Talents for Businesses

There are many opportunities that prospective employees can get once they decide to move and live in the Greater Des Moines region in Iowa. There are also various programs offered by the Partnership to ensure that businesses can attract the best talents that they can use to help their business expand and grow. Many such talents are scattered throughout the region, and the Partnership has various programs to help businesses get in touch with these talented individuals for a possible recruitment.

In summary, the Partnership makes it easier for businesses and prospective employees to get in touch with each other, as explained by Greater Des Moines Partnership, “The Partnership has a number of initiatives and programs to help with talent attraction.

The Partnership offers comprehensive relocation information, as mentioned above, that employers can share with prospective employees.

In recent years, The Partnership has conducted a national digital marketing campaign to target potential residents and share with them that they can live life without compromise in DSM and connect them to more information about the region.

The Partnership team attends more than 60 career events a year throughout the country and digitally to share opportunities in DSM.”

Broadening the Opportunity for Employers to Hire the Best Individuals for the Job Qualifications

The Partnership will help employers in every step of the way to hire the best individuals that they need for the job qualifications. Not only will the Partnership offers a wealth of information for prospective employees regarding how to live and work in the DSM area, they also help employers with the job opportunity posting, internship program, and one-on-one executive tour for the special individuals they want to hire.

Concluding our interview, Greater Des Moines Partnership stated, “As mentioned above, The Partnership’s online Career Center connects employers with potential employees by allowing organizations to post job and internship openings and search from resumes uploaded by thousands of people interested in working in DSM.

The Seize the City program for interns provides a six-part series featuring the chance to connect with local business leaders, engage with fellow interns and experience the culture that makes DSM unique.

The Partnership offers one-on-one executive tours for employers looking to make an important hire.”