With 250k customers Globally, How Campaign Monitor Sails Through The New Generation of Email Marketing

Summary: For an online business, just having an email marketing system in place is not enough. Nor is it enough to send your email subscribers some messages regularly. A business needs to know what their audience wants and then craft the messages that fit with their interests. Not only that, they need to monitor their email marketing campaign to measure its performance. This way, they can adjust the various aspects of their campaign and make it better in converting their subscribers into customers. Campaign Monitor offers the technology and platform that help businesses get it done easily.

Often times, businesses might experience a big problem related to their email marketing campaign. Even though they have thousands or more subscribers in place, they might find it hard to convert them into customers. Sometimes, the conversion rate is so low that the revenue generated from their campaign is lower than the money that they have spent to do such a campaign. This situation is often very frustrating, especially when it is coupled with a high unsubscription rate.

When you experience this problem, there has to be something wrong in the processes of your email marketing campaign. There are obviously various aspects that you need to change in order to improve your campaign performance. This is where Campaign Monitor comes into place. This service not only gives you the technology and platform to run your email marketing campaign, but it also helps you to optimize it in such a way that it will deliver more results for you.

It is not just a regular email marketing platform. It is the new generation of email marketing that gives you all the tools, resources, and knowledge needed for you to run a successful campaign. It has helped hundreds of thousands of businesses to fine tune their email marketing promotion and get better ROI (Return on Investment) out of it. We have interviewed Cody Bender, Chief Product Officer at Campaign Monitor to explain more about this service.

How Campaign Monitor Fits the Modern Marketing Technology Stack?

The technology behind online marketing is always evolving. Today, we have a much better technology when it comes to online promotion due to various new channels that businesses can use to promote their products and services. In the past, the email marketing technology is very simple and straightforward. But, as time goes by, the technology behind email-based promotion is evolving, becoming more complex to increase its effectiveness even more. As the modern contender in email marketing promotion, Campaign Monitor fits right into the modern marketing technology stack.

Due to email marketing’s reputation of providing a strong return-on-investment (ROI) of $44 per $1 spent, email will always hold a place in the modern marketing technology stack. Campaign Monitor is an ideal solution for businesses and non-profits who are looking for an email service provider (ESP) that will allow them to easily build beautiful campaigns while beginning to dive into more advanced levels of personalization, segmentation, and automation,” said Cody Bender.

The Evolution of Email Marketing throughout the Years and the Future of Email-based Promotion

Today’s email marketing process is much more complex than the email-based promotion process that businesses had more than a decade ago. In the past, the users are limited to entering just their email address or their email address and their first name to start getting promotional messages from their favorite brands or businesses. But today, there are lots of other options that users can have.

For businesses, the evolution of email marketing focuses on two different aspects, which are personalization and automation. Campaign Monitor gives businesses the options to broaden their email-based promotion by applying various types of personalizations coupled with an advanced automation to target their audience more effectively. In so doing, increasing their conversion rates. This trend will continue to go on in the near future.

Cody Bender, Chief Product Officer at Campaign Monitor

Cody Bender further stated, “We have continued to see email marketing evolve in terms of the levels of personalization and automation utilized in campaigns. While marketers have been talking about personalization for some time, the ways in which it’s being applied have significantly advanced.

Instead of simply using a subscriber’s first name in an email to create familiarity, we see our customers personalizing imagery, copy, and format by using what they know about customers’ interests, behavior, and engagement.

We’re also seeing a steady increase in the number of customers adopting automation, which in our opinion is a smart move for any business, but especially the ones feeling tight on time. Putting the time in on the front end to build automations that trigger and customize email campaigns, not only saves time in the long-term, but also is a key to driving more revenue. Simple but popular forms of these automated emails come in the form of welcome emails and birthday emails.

In regards to the future of email, I’m sure we’ll continue to see the popularity of both personalization and automation continue to rise. This is especially true as we see consumers now expecting more personalized experiences with brands, and as businesses continue to realize just how valuable those personalized experiences can be for them. I also believe that while we continue to see new technology and marketing channels come and go, the consistency and persistence of email as a marketing channel will add to its already substantial value. This point of view is further solidified as we see marketing channels such as social media in the spotlight for data concerns.”

How Companies Use App Store Apps Offered by Campaign Monitor

Aside from the regular web app that you can access from the official Campaign Monitor website, you can also access their service via mobile apps. These apps are available in the App Store, which you can download and sync your data with the main web platform. This service is aimed to be used by businesses that have different, unique needs. So, customization is important for those businesses.

The mobile apps that you can download from the App Store are designed to simplify the integration process to fulfill your specific needs in email marketing. This includes integrations with other popular third-party apps like Salesforce to further manage your online promotion and organize your overall campaign more easily.

On the subject of Campaign Monitor App Store apps, Cody Bender said, “The App Store allows organizations to use pre-built integrations to further customize Campaign Monitor’s platform, so it is able to meet their unique needs. For example, one of our more popular integrations is with Salesforce. When our customers combine the power of Campaign Monitor with Salesforce they are able to send targeted campaigns to the contacts they already have in Salesforce, while having access to a more transparent way to see email marketing’s impact on pipeline. We currently offer hundreds of apps and integrations and are always looking for new additions to improve our customer’s email strategies.

The Biggest Challenges of Email Marketing Today

For most online businesses nowadays, email marketing promotion remains one of the best online promotion strategies that they can utilize to ensure a high conversion rate. You might be able to use other methods of online promotion, but you might need to spend lots of money in order to gain a sizable result. With email marketing, you can minimize your cost of online promotion while maximizing your ROI at the same time. As a bonus, email-based promotion also gives you an effective way to turn your audience into loyal customers.

In the case of building your brand, email marketing helps you build a personal connection with your audience, which can result in a higher brand loyalty, and thus, you can build a strong brand this way. However, the biggest challenge that businesses must face when it comes to email marketing is how they can collect data about their performance. Accurate and detailed insights are needed to gauge the performance of your email-based promotion and ensure the best result for your campaign. This is the main challenge that Campaign Monitor is trying to overcome. By focusing on providing the best performance data for your email-based campaign promotion, you can adjust your campaign over time to get even better results.

Regarding this topic, Cody Bender said, “One of the first things that comes to mind is both a challenge and an advantage: data. Data is an extremely valuable thing to have for email marketing campaigns, so there are many advantages that come along with it, such as the ability to hyper-personalize emails to provide subscribers with one-on-one experiences. Alongside the advantages of data are also the challenges, including new data privacy legislation and the act of responsibility using and storing data. While new data privacy legislation has had a positive impact, it has included the challenges of becoming compliant to newly introduced laws.

Another advantage is the development of email automation. It has allowed organizations and marketing departments of all sizes to truly harness the power of email by giving them the tools to save time while providing a first-class experience for their subscribers. One important thing to avoid with automation is the mentality to ‘set it and forget it’. Marketers should ensure to refresh the automated series they have set up at least every six months, if not every quarter.”

Campaign Monitor as a Trusted Platform that Brings the New Generation of Email Marketing

Concluding our review, Cody Baker said in regard to the number of customers that this platform has today, “Campaign Monitor currently has 250,000 customers globally.

As an email marketing platform that has been around since 2004, Campaign Monitor is dedicated in helping businesses and marketers to build a better and more meaningful connection with their audience. Aside from that, the platform is designed to provide the necessary tools to measure their progress and performance, providing the best insights that they can use to improve the campaign quality and results. Over the years, this platform has grown to be one of the leading email marketing services used by millions of marketers and hundreds of thousands of businesses, which is the reason why many users trusted it and used it as their regular online promotion tool.